LA GIARA, tradition and passion from the vineyard to the bottle

La Giara Winery was founded in 1958, at the foot of the plateau which shares its name, on the initiative of some winemakers from Alta Marmilla. The aim of the winery was, right from the start, to enhance this important area of Sardinia and give greater prominence to the work carried out among the rows of vineyards. Starting from our Members' careful work in the vineyard, up to the passion in the vinification and refinement of wines in the Winery, our production is aimed at bottling high-quality wines derived from an artisanal process which, at the same time, strives for innovation while looking to the future. 

The winery is located in the Sardinian sub-region of Marmilla, about 300 metres above sea level, in the valley between the Giara plateau and the eastern shore of the volcanic massif of Mount Arci. Our members’ vineyards cover about 25 kilometres of land which is distinguished by remarkable varieties and types.

Vineyards in the province of Oristano Usellus wine Cavallino della Giara

It is said that in ancient times, the federal assemblies of the strongest clans of the Sardinian Nuragic civilisation used to meet in the Giara. 

Moreover, ever since ancient times, the famous and small Giara horses have been running wild here. This is a breed which is native to the plateau, a protected, unique and rare species, a symbol of great pride. Our wines' importance and structure is reflected in the Giara horses and their superb and austere character.

The Winery takes its name from the Giara Plateau, the symbol of our region, and it's the horses who populate it who inspired the company's logo: a stylisation completed inside with typical drawings from the culture of our island.


La Giara Winery, 60 years

of history, tradition 

and passion for wine

Vermentino, Cannonau

and Bovale... unique wines, 

as unique as our land!


a land of soft hills 

and lonely plateaus

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