The La Giara Line is our Top Line. It consists of wines of great depth and importance. The vinified grapes come from non-irrigated vineyards of at least thirty years up to, in some ancient structures, monuments aged over eighty years. The red grape varieties - Cannonau, Bovale Sardo and Carignano - are often grown on saplings and on ungrafted vines.

There are five labels of our La Giara Line: a White, Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, a Rosato IGT obtained from grapes of the Bovale variety, a Cannonau DOC, and two important Red IGT wines obtained by vinifying grapes of the Bovale Sardo variety, in one case in purity, and in our flagship wine in blend with Carignano. The red wines of the La Giara line age in barriques from 6 to 18 months and then continue with a refinement in bottles which are stored horizontally to rest for three to six months before being sold.



Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Colour: Straw yellow with golden hues.

Aromas: Intense notes of white fruits, apricot and ripe apple. Final with mineral notes.

Taste: Full and fresh, with a savoury and persistent finish.

Pairings: Fish and vegetable appetisers, white meat or fatty fish first courses, seafood main courses.

Serving temperature: 10/12°C

"We''ll tell you..."

...the Vermentino grapes come from the suitable wine-growing areas of the central western region of Sardinia. A part ripens on the sands of Arcidano, lulled by the sea breeze which gives it unique aromas and a strong flavour. 

The remaining grapes are instead grown on the gentle hills of Marmilla, on marly, white and dry soils which give our wine its characteristic long and dry taste. It is from this special combination, after a cold maceration for thirty-six hours and fermentation at low temperatures, that Vermentino La Giara is born, a fresh sip of wine which, in the wake of the mistral, accompanies us from the sea to the high hills of Sardinia.



Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Colour: Pale pink, crystalline

Aromas: Intense and fine of fragrant red roses accompanied by fresh sensations of fresh and not-very-ripe fruits such as cherries and freshly picked apples
Taste: a marked freshness and flavour, accompanied by the right softness, enhance the intense and persistent taste 

Pairings: appetisers and first courses with lightly structured tastes, white meats and tasty fish dishes
Serving temperature: 10/12° C

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...our Bové, a fresh rosé wine made from Bovale grapes, is born in the fresh sands of Arcidano, once washed by the sea. The Bovale grapes are harvested before reaching complete ripeness, and vinified with a very short cold maceration, which gives them their crystalline pale pink colour. After a long cold fermentation, our rosé expresses all the freshness and flavour which the region gives it. After a short refinement in steel containers it is ready to delight us with its characteristic freshness.


Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Colour: Intense ruby-red.
Aromas:  A romas of red fruit, cherry and blackberry. Final balsamic notes with hints of undergrowth and sweet spices.
Taste:  Warm and intense taste, very round and persistent. Harmonious wine, rightly tannic with flavours of ripe red fruit and jam.
Pairings:  First courses of meat, Malloreddus alla Campidanese and grilled meat.
Serve at room temperature: 18/20°C

"We'll tell you..."
...Cannonau grapes are harvested in old vineyards and come from the best wine-growing areas of Marmilla. It is thanks to the growth and ripening of the grapes on hard, poor, pebbly but nevertheless generous soils that this wine has a harmonious and unique structure. After being transferred to the cellar, the grapes undergo a cold maceration and after a few days they are ready for the fermentation process. 

After ageing in barriques for at least six months, the wine is reassembled into a single mass and bottled as soon as it reaches the right level of ripeness. Thanks to a careful and artisanal vinification by the Cantinieri, Cannonau La Giara is born and grows, a typical and characteristic wine which we like to describe as our idea of Cannonau di Sardegna.


Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Colour: Intense red with violet hues
Aromas: Aromas with references to ripe red fruit and jam. Final with elegant and delicate spiciness.
Taste: An intense, incisive taste; the right tannins give the wine a long persistence on the palate.
Pairings: Game, red meats and aged cheeses.
Serve at room temperature:  18/20°C

"We'll tell you."
...our Bovale La Giara comes from historic sapling-trained vineyards in the gentle hills of Marmilla with marly soil. These areas, which have always been dedicated to viticulture, give the wine a characteristic deep red colour and an intense and varied aroma. The grapes which contribute to the birth of this important red wine belong to the noble variety of Bovale Sardo. 

After pressing, the grapes are subjected to a pre-fermentation maceration of 8 days, after which they follow their fermentation development at controlled temperatures. After racking, the wine is decanted for twenty days. In the following spring, the wine begins ageing in oak barrels which, during the stay of about nine months, transmit hints of spicy and vanilla notes to our Bovale. 

After being bottled, the wine is left to rest for at least three months in a horizontal position in order to soften the edges which the tannins naturally give it. A sip of our Bovale, which is ideal to accompany important and elaborate meals, conveys the strong character of our land and reflects the passion of those who, for centuries, have cultivated and enhanced this ancient vine of the Sardinian winemaking tradition.


Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Colour:  Ruby red flecked with garnet.
Aromas:  Intense notes of ripe red fruits, berries and vanilla. Final with light hints of cinnamon and menthol.
Taste:  An intense and decisive taste, fresh, rightly tannic with a long persistence on the palate. Final with notes of sweet spices and jam.
Pairings:  Main courses of meat, stews and roasts of game. Aged pecorino cheeses.
Serve at room temperature : 18/20°C

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...this full-bodied IGT Red Wine comes from the maximum expression which the territory and the vineyards cultivated by our Members can achieve in terms of quality and tradition. The vines which are selected by our technicians, often in equal quantities, are the Bovale Sardo and the Carignano. Cultivated on the sands of Arcidano, on the hilly soils of the Marmilla and on the granite and fossil decay on the banks of Monte Arci, these ancient vineyards are worked with traditional methods and trained as saplings on ungrafted vines, obtaining very low yields per hectare which sometimes do not exceed thirty quintals of grapes produced. The path of the grapes in the cellar begins with a long cold maceration of ten days during which the process of releasing the characteristics which the grapes transmit to the must begins.


The Uselis wines make up our basic line with two DOC wines of Sardinia, Vermentino and Cannonau, and another Red, a Bovale IGT Isola dei Nuraghi. 

These wines are characterised by their freshness and immediacy through which you can appreciate aromas and nuances reminiscent of the grape from which they come. Even the Reds, often from the latest vintage, after a brief refinement in steel containers, keep the characteristics of the grape intact. 

The grapes come from vineyards between the ages of ten and twenty and are harvested when ripe, trying to preserve the right balance between the acidity and body of the wines.



Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Colour:  Straw yellow with golden reflections.
Aromas:  Intense aromas of white fruits and citrus
Taste:  Fresh, savoury and persistent palate.
Pairings:  Aperitifs and delicate fish first courses
Serving temperature18/20° C

"We'll tell you..."
The grapes for our Vermentino Uselis are grown in the vast hills of Marmilla. 

This important white grape variety, grown in the espalier, ferments in the cellar at low temperatures, preserving all its character, its freshness and the scents of the earth which it produces with passion.


Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Colour:  Ruby red.
Aromas:  Sweet and elegant of red fruits and salty spices.
Taste:  Strong and soft taste with a tannic finish on slightly spicy notes
Pairings: Main courses of meat 
Temperatura dl servizio: 16/ 1 8°C

"We'll tell you..."
Cannonau Uselis comes from a careful selection of the grapes of our Members. 

An eight-day fermentation follows. After a short ageing in steel it is bottled. For us it represents the youngest version of the most important red grape variety in Sardinia.


Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Colour:   Intense ruby-red.

Aromas:  Aromas of ripe red fruit, plums and cherries with hints of light spice
Taste:   intense, quite soft and rightly tannic describe the young character of this ready and pleasant vintage wine
Pairings:   appetisers and first courses, white and red meats with tasty but not-too-structured flavours
Serving temperature18/20° C

"We'll tell you..."
Our Bovale Uselis originates from the sandy soils of Arcidano, where the Bovale is traditionally cultivated as a sapling, harvested at the right level of ripeness and vinified with a short cold maceration and, after a short ageing in steel, it is bottled young but ready to express all the character and typicality of the grape and the region it represents.

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