60 years of history, tradition and passion for wine

The La Giara Winery produces excellent wines which best express the richness of our land, our culture, our traditions and the work of our Members in the vineyards. 

Here are some numbers which tell the story of the winery:

  • 1958: the year in which it was founded
  • 50: the number of winegrowers who make up the social structure 
  • 40: the hectares of vineyards which our Members cultivate as a whole
  • 3,000: the quintals of grapes which are produced on average
  • 75: quintals produced as average yield per hectare
  • 2,000: the hectolitres of wine which can be obtained from the grapes produced
  • 80,000: the number of bottles produced every year

The Staff and some Members

Unique wines, as unique as our land

The La Giara Winery was founded, at the foot of the plateau of the same name, back in 1958 from the initiative of some Alta Marmilla winemakers who were motivated by the idea of enhancing the region and giving greater importance to the work carried out between the rows of their vineyards. 

With passion and commitment we are proud, as proud now as we were over sixty years ago, to carry on and complete the work undertaken with so much effort and dedication by our father and grandfathers. 

Since its foundation, the winery has been an important and constant reference point for the Marmilla winemakers. It has always stood out for the small quantities of wine produced, the careful selection of the vineyards and the cultivated vines and the constant attention aimed at enhancing the winemaking tradition to guarantee the authenticity of the wines produced.

The opening up to new markets, both national and foreign, offers us the opportunity to make people aware of the traditional uniqueness of our ancient territory which meets the rest of the world through our wines.

The areas in which the Members cultivate their vineyards are composed of different varieties and typical characteristics of the land: from the fresh sands of Arcidano to the marly and hilly soils typical of Marmilla, from the granite and fossil decay on the shores of Monte Arci to the basaltic ridges of the Plateau of the Giara. In this varied location you can admire our vineyards.

Generally not irrigated, and many of them now of historical importance as in some cases they have been around for over eighty years, the vines are often trained as saplings on an ungrafted vine, resulting in a production of grapes with low yields but with unique and rare characteristics.

Our wines are a living and true expression of the region

Wines obtained with traditional methods

The work of our members, technicians and cellarmen is constant in order to ensure that the wines are unique, genuine and a living and true expression of the region.

To this end, in the cultivation of the vineyards and during the vinification and refining of the wines, we try to combine tradition and innovation as much as possible.

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